Optimizing your employees’ use of the healthcare system

We connect every family with a dedicated Primary Care Team, led by a Medilova physician, and nurture that partnership – because that’s the way healthcare should be.

Meet Medilova
Concierge team.

Have a question or need help finding care? Always start with your Concierge team. You now have your own go-to team of care guides and a licensed agent to help you navigate the ins and outs of the healthcare world. They’re experts on your specific plan benefits, and they know your local care options like the back of their hand! Medilova is the local friend for international students studying in the US

Care for every part of your team

Dedicated care guides

Help employees find the best doctors and specialists to get the most from their plans.

Plan guides

Help employees ask the right questions and know costs before they see a doctor.

Save Money

Save on small business health insurance so you can focus on your company.

Healthy minds and bodies

Mental health support, behavioral coaching, and more to keep employees happy, healthy, and productive.

Feeling under the weather? Skip the waiting room. Get medical advice and a diagnosis over the phone by using the Medilova app

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